24th June 2018, Sunday.


World Motorcycle Day

• World Motorcycle Day celebrates the Spirit of Biking, Brotherhood & all things Motorcycle.

• Observed on 21st June Worldwide, the Longest Day of the Year, this event has Bike Enthusiasts from various Biking Communities coming together to Promote Safe Riding & encourage fellow Bikers.

• Having received sweeping response from Bikers in the city over the last 3 years, this continues to be Bengaluru’s Signature Biking Event.


Association of Biking Community

       ABC was established in 2015, with a single goal in mind – to Promote Biking as a Safe tool for each aspiring Biker & to display the utmost Safe methodology of Riding & Discipline. ABC is a fraternity for all the Biking Clubs of Namma Bengaluru without any discrimination on the Cubic Capacity / Displacement of the Engine as we believe in Biking Brotherhood. The Admins of all the Registered Groups are an integral part of ABC & are those who shape & sculpt the biking scenario in the city.

      The main Motto of ABC is to saturate the Riding scenario in the City by having a set of Disciplinary Standards
designed for Biking / Motorcycling as a Sport (Any Category). We are an Organization of Passionate Bikers who aim to promote Motorcycling forge a bond while we are at it.

       Association of Biking Community has organised various Rides & Events covering various Destinations, Social Causes in association with Government & Private entities. ABC has organised about 4-5 Admin Rides every year and World Motorcycle Day for the last 3 years. ABC has supported Independence Day Ride 2017, Vibhaya Ride (emergency response training), Autism Awareness Ride and Women’s Safety Ride.