Estd.  –  03rd August 2013

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Deepak Inamdar

Mob : +91-9845041191
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Mob : +91-9844463222
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Moto of the Club

“Let’s Ride Our Hearts Out”

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Mixed Bikes

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About The Thumpers United Club

The Thumpers United , founded in 2013 August 3rd is a riding group which consist of 90 members young and old and with all levels of riding skills and experience. We ride for passion and ride to socialize.
Safe and responsible riding is our priority. We have riders from our club who have achieved milestones,
riding all the way:
Bangalore to London,
Bangalore to Bhutan,
Bangalore to all south Asian countries etc..
Once a year we do donation ride to each of the old age homes or orphanage to bless those who need them ..
We have been noticed by media also few times ..

Club Rules & Regulations

● Be sure your bike is in good motoring condition. We all don’t appreciate our mechanics saying “I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder”. Do check brakes (front and rear) along with brake fluid levels, battery, oil, horn, tire pressure, lights, tool kit etc.
● Dress appropriately. Protective safety riding gears are recommended. This is defined as ISI mark full face helmet; body cover armor riding jacket or leather jacket; riding pants or long jeans or chinos with riding knee and shin guard pads; protective riding boot or leather boots or leather shoes; eye protection (eye glasses/goggles and/or helmet face shield and/or wind screen); knuckle cap riding gloves.
● Install rear view mirror(s) on your bike. Remember to pay as much attention to fellow riders and their signals as you do to your bike.
● The natural earth contains no plastic. So avoid disposable plastic cans or bottles as much as possible. Try to use portable sports bottles, camel backs, thermoses instead. Carry your own waste disposal bag. We respect each other’s neighborhood and don’t want to litter.
● Be sure luggage is securely strapped down. You don’t want to reach the end of the blazing trail to realize what you have left behind.
● Carry your bike spares
● Arrive on time at the departure point. People say IST is ‘Indian Stretchable Time’ but not for us.
● Sit well forward. Grip the motorcycle firmly with your legs and knees. Keep your head up and point your chin in your direction of travel. Keep your back relaxed and support your weight with your stomach muscles. Relax your arms and place minimal weight on your wrists. Once in a while move your head and pressing against your shoulder so that your neck is not strained or sore
● NO smoking or drinking: We don’t mind some mixing of smoke during pit stops/ breaks but no mixing of alcohol with driving. Avoid drinking 12 hours before a ride starts. A hangover is exponentially worse on a bike.
● Drivers, please do not use any audio equipment (exception is of course “hearing aid” :))
● Sometimes we can get into something bad. Emergency contact person, phone number and physical or medical issues that you may have needs to be informed in advance. Carry your medication. Do give your family a few contacts from the Thumpers as well to contact in case of emergencies.
● Arrive at the departure point with a full tank of petrol and an empty bladder.
● Rides are conducted with a Captain in front and a Trail at the back. Large groups also have a Safety.
● Rides are normally in single file and lane discipline is to be maintained on the left lane as much as possible.
● For rides with a large number of riders, rider position is decided and adhered to.
● Headlights are to be kept on throughout and bike indicators with hand signals used to assist riders behind you.
● All traffic rules and speed limits are to be obeyed.
● The riders are responsible for each other. Keeping that in mind helps the group during the ride and fosters the community spirit thereafter.


“Let’s Ride Our Hearts Out”
   – The Thumpers United
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