Estd  –  15th May 2016

Founder of the Club
Pradveen Shanoo

Mob : +91-9611100098
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Co-Admin of the Club

Sagar Smith

Mob : +91-8762802505
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Co-Admin of the Club

Mithun Gowda

Mob : +91-9900000545
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Moto of the Club

Legends . Respect . Passion

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Specific Make – Yamaha RX

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About RX Owners Club – Bengaluru

Rx Owner’s club the elite club meant for Rx owners who like to ride with groups and make memories with the brotherhood as a saga. Founded in the year of may 2016 with 150+ riders now, This club is exclusive for YAMAHA RX. Club started with the passion to bring out the sensible rider in you and make sure that the rider spread his skills & experience with the outer world.

Club Rules & Regulations

1. The club is restricted to Rx motorcyles only.
2. The basic goals of the club should be as follows: (a) Riding for passion (b) Riding for a cause (c) Promote safe riding. (d) Remove the negative thrones attached to the Bike. Safe Riding will be the number 1 Priority always.
3. While group riding – Standard Group riding rules which are laid out by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation are applicable.
4. Members should follow all traffic rules and regulations during all rides.
5. Full faced helmets, full trousers and shoes are a MUST to all riders and pillions.
6. Helmets that do not match safety standards will not be allowed. ISI marked helmets are MANDATORY.
7. Members must carry the necessary documents while on rides. Before every club ride, the necessary documents (RC, License & Insurance) will be checked. Members without these documents will not be permitted to ride..
8. This is purely a riding club. There is no scope for Racing / Stunting or any form of ruthless / unethical riding.
9. The club will not entertain any form of INTOXICATION at any level (Alcohol, Drugs, etc…) Any member found to be riding under the influence of any kind of intoxication will be banned.
10. Members will be responsible for their own safety. The club won’t be responsible for any accident or mishap that happens to the member during the event but the club will always stand as support and help. Participating in the ride/event is at the sole discretion of the individual member.
11. The club encourages members to adopt high to safety gears like riding jacket, gloves, knee guards, riding shoes, elbow guards, etc.
12. Any kind of misbehavior towards fellow members or any citizens will not be tolerated.
13. The validity of Membership lies with the Administration of the Club.

Legends . Respect . Passion
   – RX Owners Club – Bengaluru
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