Estd.  –  2nd January 2011

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Mob : +91-9964279973
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Moto of the Club

Some People Ride to Show to the World, But we Ride to See the World.

Tag Line of the Club

“Riding is Living”

Club Type

Mixed (Above 150cc)

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About Riders of Bangalore

Riders of Bangalore was formed on 2nd January 2011 by Shylesh.M, who is Passionate about Bikes and a Hard Core Rider.
We Organise Short Rides, Long Rides, Off-Road Biking, Stunt Rides, Vacational Trips, Promotional Rides & Social Services.
Best Rides : Independence Day Ride, World Motorcycle Day Ride and Anniversary Celebration of the Club every year.
Social Service Rides : Save Wildlife Rally, Homage for Street Dogs, Autism Awareness Programs, Blood Donation Camps, Save Water Programs, Traffic Rules teaching for Students in Schools and Colleges, Helmet Safety Ride, Fight against Crime Rally, Women Safety Rally etc…

Club Rules & Regulations

  1. The member must be presently residing in Bangalore.
  2. The Club is restricted to 150cc and above bikes only during the Rides.
  3. Member should always carry DL, RC, Insurance, LTT & PUC.
  4. Members should follow all traffic signals, lights, signs, rules and regulations during all rides.
  5. Participating in the ride/event is at the sole discretion of the individual member.
  6. No Stunts and No Racing will be entertained during the rides.
  7. Member should respect each other in the group, any kind of misbehavior will not be tolerated.
  8. During the ride should not overtake the Team Lead and Speed Limit is subjected to RoB Club.
  9. Basic riding gears is compulsory for all rides like Certified Full face helmets, full trousers, shoes, Riding Jackets. Optional: Knee Protectors, Elbow Guards, Body Armour etc…
  10. The club will not entertain any form of Intoxication like Alcohol, Drugs etc.. during the ride, if found he/she will be removed out of the Club.
  11. Members will be responsible for their own safety. The club will not be responsible for any accident, loss or mishap that happens to the member during the ride but the club will always stand as support and help.
  12. The Founder/Admin of the club have all the rights to accept or deny the validity of Membership, if he/she has not participated in any ride/club meet/events for 6 months.
“Riding is Living”
   – Riders of Bangalore
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