Estd.  –  04th October 2015

Founder of the Club
Prithvi Sanketh

Mob : +91-9036225346
E-Mail id :

Co-Admin of the Club

Shamanth Manjunath

Mob : +91-9035658276
E-Mail id :

Co-Admin of the Club

Vamshi Naidu

Mob : +91-9620444749
E-Mail id :

Moto of the Club

Ready, Steady, Fly!

Club Type

Specific Make – Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

Number of Riders in the Club


Number of Rides Conducted per Year


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About Race Sport Falcons – Bengaluru

Started by Prithvi Sanketh and Shamanth Manjunath with three bikes, the club only consists of the Bajaj Pulsar RS200. From 3 to 180 the Club has been one of the Biggest RS200 Clubs of the Country with a 52 Bikes turnover on the Ride to Kolar on May 2016.
With a motto to promote Safe and Responsible Riding, the club has a tagline Ready Steady Fly which abbreviates to RSF.

Club Rules & Regulations

1) Every Member joining the club should own a BAJAJ PULSAR RS200.
2) Every Rider should update his details in the registration Google form.
3) A protective jacket, jeans, shoes, gloves and helmet is compulsory. Any rider without these on a ride will not be allowed.
4) A copy of all necessary vehicle documents with valid driver’s licence should be held on person at all times on the ride.
5) Riders should adhere to all meeting locations at the right time as mentioned by the administrators.
6) No rule made by the administrative panel can be overruled by any rider.
7) All photos/videos recorded on the ride CANNOT be shared without the watermark of the club logo.
8) All notifications will be sent through the WhatsApp group and hence no posts which are unrelated to bikes or biking will be entertained.

Ready, Steady, Fly!
   – Race Sport Falcons – Bengaluru
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