Estd.  –  19th April 2012

Founder of the Club
Oswald Ernest

Mob : +91-9880582964
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Admin of the Club

Vasanth Kumar S R

Mob : +91-9686447084
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Admin of the Club

Sumukh K Prasad

Mob : +91-9880354023
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Moto of the Club

Throttle in Hand, Biking at Heart

Tag Line of the Club

The Decade Legend

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Specific Make

Hero Honda / Hero Moto Corp – Karizma

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About Karizma Bikers Club – Bangalore

Karizma the Decade Ruler, manufactured in 2003 had stolen the hearts of many motorcycle enthusiasts in the country. Had set the benchmark of the Ultimate Tourer. Benagluru karizma Bikers CLub which saw a rise in the early 2004 which was named as Black Birds saw its fall in 2008. Then Rose the Street Hawks, another set of youngsters who grouped up & formed a team of Karizma Bikers only to see an early fall towards its retirement. Arjun Magaji in 2010 worked towards the recruitment of new cast members amongst his busy schedule only to reach its maximum heights in 2012 April & later Deemed as HORUS FALCONS.

Group Motive : B:KBC is a group which falls under the exclusive bike category. We believe in Living Life to the Motorcycle way, highway & trails are our besties & have munched many miles for about 6 years as of now. B:KBC team members are brothers & sisters from across india. KBC has a PAN india presence & has an active participation in 17 cities. KBC is happy to have been a part of an international sector in “Columbia” . We are on the verge of covering the motorcycle brand as a global patch. Safe way of Motorcycling is what we do & discipline is what we follow.
As we Spartans always say it, “Throttle In Hand, Biking at Heart”.

Club Rules & Regulations

1. Must own a Karizma (Any Model).
2. Must be a Human more than any specific Gender who would further evolve into a Biker.
3. Must be equipped with all the Vehicle related Documents & up to date.
4. Must have the basic warrior gear (Helmet) – also for his loved one in the back seat.
5. Must not indulge in Intoxication of any sort (Dry & Wet) during Rides / Events / Meets or any Club related activity.
6. Must and should follow the discipline of the Club.
7. Members must be present in FB Group & WhatsApp Group.
8. Must follow the Ride safety measures at all cost in every event.
9. Mirrors are the most essential part of the Vehicle Body.
10. No
Rage / Rash / Heroic riding on our regular terrains.
11. No Stunting / or any Jesus Christ’s whilst riding in our regular terrains.
12. Obey the rules of nature & the nature would protect you.
13. Once a member is of a certain ride maturity, must posses the below line items,
a. Helmet (As Per Safety Standard)
b. Riding Gloves
c. Riding Jacket (Basic to Experienced)
d. Riding Pants / Jeans
e. Knee Guards if no Riding Pants
f. Riding Boots / Regular Boots
14. Know you’r riding limits & also know to never push your limits to the highest extreme.
15. Know your machine as to how she reacts & how she behaves in our regular terrains which we encounter.
16. Members must & should keep their elders at home informed about any Event in the Club.
17. Always keep your mind cool & calm, we ride to share the brotherhood & not to prove.
18. Any motorcycle is allowed to join us in any event conducted.
19. IF you are a smoker, you should have the common decency to share the smoke as it bonds your brotherhood.

The Decade Legend.
   – Karizma Bikers Club – Bangalore
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