Estd.  –  06th November 2014

Founder of the Club

Nikhil Renunathan

Mob : +91-9035247880
E-Mail id :

Co-Admin of the Club

Kiran S K

Mob : +91-7259601239
E-Mail id :

Co-Admin of the Club


Mob : +91-9972548061
E-Mail id :

Tag-Line of the Club

Ride with Pride

Club Type

Specific Make – Royal Enfield

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About Bull Tuskers Bengaluru

Bull Tuskers Bengaluru (BTB), which drew motorcycle enthusiasts to the small town. Audience and creating the long-lasting image of what is now considered part of the biker identity. Bull Tuskers are proud owner of Royal Enfield & Other Motorcycle’s, here are Bull Tuskers describing themselves, Embark on a new mission, make your own road and get ready to explore a unique motorcycling experience. With Bull Tuskers , you can post your own ride and let other motorcycling enthusiasts join you on City Rides, Long Rides & Night Rides, Mountains, Meadows, Deserts, Beaches, Forests, Crowded Streets, Desolate hills, Treacherous Twines, No matter what, a true biker relishes every terrain.

It’s such a reviving experience to just saddle up and hit the road, burn rubber and add mile upon mile, as you reach for lands few people have been to before. It’s what a true biker does, letting the road lead him on to newer adventures or adventures leading to newer roads. Share your knowledge, post technical queries or just showcase your passion for your Royal Enfield with like minded folk. Be a part of these discussions. Remember to always ride safe, use a full face helmet and wear proper riding gear.

FOUNDER : Bengaluru is a group of 30+ passionate riders who ride Royal Enfield bikes. Established in 2014, the founder of the club is Nikhil Renunathan, and co-founder/ admin is Kiran SK. With a tag line of ‘Ride With Pride’, the members organize rides to various destinations regularly.

CORE TEAM : Jayanth / Murali / Thilak / Narendra / Vishwa / Pramodh / Nithin / Prathap

OUR MEMORABLE RIDES : Their most memorable riding experience has been Ride to Ooty & Masinagudi, and Rider Mania. The club members ride with passion and believe in ‘Bullet is Our Soul’.

Club Rules & Regulations

1. All basic riding gear is mandatory – Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, Jeans/Full Pants, Knee guards and Shoes.
2. No Racing and No Stunts.
3. Use hand and leg signals to guide the riders behind you.
4. Keep at least a 15 meters distance among yourselves.
5. Please carry all documents of your bikes & Make sure to fill up the fuel to your Bike before joining the ride.
6. Follow traffic rules.
7. Ride Defensively.
8. Keep your riding skills honed through education.
9. Be awake and ride sober.
10. Riders are responsible for their pillion and themselves for safety.

Ride with Pride
   – Bull Tuskers Bengaluru
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