Estd.  –  19th May 2017

Founder of the Club

Puneeth Y

Mob : +91-7795164350
E-Mail id :

Co-Founder & Admin of the Club

Vignesh G

Mob : +91-9066847808
E-Mail id :

Co-Founder & Moderator of the Club

Sukhyath B R

Mob : +91-9742714307
E-Mail id :

Moto of the Club

Bringing Humanity Back

Club Type

Mixed Bikes (Above 150cc)

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About Brotherhood Bikerz

          Brotherhood Bikerz was formed by few colleagues with the same passion i.e., biking, but there was also one more thing where we had a similar mindset which is helping those in need. These 2 similar mindset led us to form a biking group which not only travels as a group but also to serve those in need through biking, we also have outlined our motto with helping new bikers learn about safe biking and help them out for tours and solo ride by providing moral and financial support and also guide them as to which route would suit them best and direct them to right person for perfect plan for their rides, choices of riding gears as per their budget, suggestion of good SVC for them etc.

We also actively do collaboration rides and mostly choose the ones with charity or engagement activity involved.

Club Rules & Regulations

1. Minimum riding gears (leather/armored jacket and a certified full face helmet ) for breakfast/dinner or short rides.
2. No gender or rational discrimination and no discrimination over choice of bikes too
3.150cc+ bikes of any kind.
4. No political discussions.
5. No graphic content.
6. Club encourages both male and female bikers.
7. NGO visit once in 4 or 6 months mandatory.
8. No rash riding, stunting or overtaking the lead during rides and follow formation.

Bringing Humanity Back
   – Brotherhood Bikerz
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