Estd.  –  7th November 2014

Co-Founder of the Club
Uttara Sharma

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Co-Founder of the ClubRohinkumar

Mob : +91-9611137370
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! B.I.T.C.H

Club Type

Mixed Bikes

(Above 150cc)

(Night Riding Only)

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About B.I.T.C.H

Biking It To Create Happiness aka B.I.T.C.H is a motorcycling club , founded in Bangalore by two like minded bikers – Uttara and Rohin with a motto of propogating and promoting the thought of night rides and doing it with care, caution and adequate preparation.

Club Rules & Regulations

The club does not have rules but since the philosophy of adding members is limited to referrals only by club members… It’s more a family of riders and they live by values ….

The values are –

To respect all users of the road including pedestrians,animals and public property and ride responsibly.

To take ownership in case of any incident and not walk away where ever help is needed and required

To be prepared bodily and ensure adequate rest (mental and physical) is taken before sitting on the saddle no matter what the duration of the ride is

To wear protective gears every time one is on the saddle and follow traffic rules even if there is a Godzilla chasing you and coaxing you to break them

We have expert cocktail mixers amidst the family but even the best of mixers don’t mix drink n ride…. 12 hours prior to our ride, we stack up bottles at home only to promise to come back after a ride and polish it off.

We standup for eachother , our bikes are a reflection of our calibre and therefore you will always see a class difference in the way they are, needless to say impeccable is not an option at BITCH it’s a mandate to keep it up… Including the documents and relevant paper work

We are a subscription based format – Rs 5,000 is collected as a lifetime membership fee , to earn your merchandise and to cover a part of medical exigency should there be an unfortunate incident during the club ride.

Last but not least…. We love the dark n if you want to know what it is to live n love in the dark, hook us up @ our page and let’s talk….

   – Biking It To Create Happiness
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