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A free spirited group of Bikers, United by Two Wheels & a Passion for Biking, to promote Safe Riding.

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Free Soul

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Mixed Bikes

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About Bikers United India

A Free-Spirited group of Bikers, United by Two Wheels and a Passion for Biking, to promote Safe Riding.

Keerthivasan Founder and Admin of Bikers United IND
I started Biking in the year 2011. And my close friends from school and college had started to tag along and it had become a weekend thing to go ride as group of friends.
I had vision to start a Biking club since my childhood days as I used to watch a lot of TV shows and I was inspired from them. I never knew Biking is a thing in India until I started Biking. I knew only few biking clubs but they were restricted to a single manufacturer type of motorcycles. Which was the triggering force to start a Biking club which is open for all types of Motorcycles. We had the club named as Bikers United Ind and actively riding since 2012 but was just restricted within our friend circle.
We officially Established Ourselves as a Biking Club and open for anyone who wishes to be part of the Club on 6th July 2014 which was on my Birthday. We are a small Group of 80 active Members and over 500 members registered.  We have members riding motorcycles from 2 stroke (Rx135) to a super bike (Ducati monster, Z800 etc)
We don’t aim to be the largest group of bikers. So we actively filter inactive members and restrict to bunch active and seasoned bikers.
I am a very passionate biker and committed to serve the best in terms of Knowledge transfer and best experience to my club.  We have stayed consistent since day 1 of the club’s existence. We have never missed a single monthly ride and meet and our quarterly year’s Long ride.
We have supported the Biking Fraternity by participating on almost all Fraternity events. I spend immense amount of time on research of how to make biking lot safer and also to learn about the Craft than just riding to destination.
What we offer:
• Every First Sunday of a month we have Breakfast ride (total distance ~200kms)
• Every 3rd month we have a endurance Ride (Total Distance 500kms in one day)
• Every 6th Month we have 3 to 5 days Ride (Total Distance 1000~2000kms)
• Every second Sunday of a month we have group meeting.
• Twice a year we have Track days to learn hands on to learn the bike’s ergonomics and how to maneuver the Bike.
• Twice a year we have in class theory session on Emergency First respondence and to learn in depth about a motorcycle and how to troubleshoot and service the bike.

For every Ride, we carry all sets of Tools, First Aid Box, Puncture kit.
The admin is a trained mechanic and a emergency First aid Responder.
We also have atleast 1 person who is a trained mechanic & Emergency First Responder for Every Ride.

Club Rules & Regulations

• Riding Gears are Mandatory (Riding jacket + Knee Guard + atleast DOT/ECE approved helmets + Shoes)
Without which bikers are not eligible to ride with the group.
New members being added are given a time of 3months to buy the gears. But not allowed to ride with the group.
• Mirrors are mandatory without which the rider will not be allowed to ride with us.
• Riding Discipline: The formation of riding is predefined by the admin and the spot of every biker is assigned based on the bike capacity and the rider’s Riding skill. (slower at the front – Faster at the back). Bikers must stick to their position throughout the Ride.
No overtaking, no irresponsible riding and no stopping other than the planned stops (excused if provided with a valid reason)
• We have zero tolerance for bikers who are intoxicated of alcohol or Drugs. The Rider will be immediately terminated from the group.
• A Member is eligible for the (Once in 3 months) endurance ride only if he has attended atleast 2 Breakfast rides with the group.
• A Member is eligible for the (Once in 6months) Long Ride (3 to 5 Days) only if he has attended atleast 2 short rides and 1 Endurance ride with the group.
• We have a selection process for the long rides (3 to 5 days) considering the level of difficulty of the ride and the riders ability based on the admins observation during monthly rides.
• A Biker who has not serviced their bikes before a ride will not be allowed to ride with the group.
• Members who have not joined the group for a ride or meet for 3 months consecutively will be removed (excused if provided with a valid reason)
Free Soul
   – Bikers United India
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