Estd.  –  06th January 2013

Founder of the Club

Gagan Alva

Mob : +91-8861407307
E-Mail id :

Co-Founder of the ClubKiran Shetty
Mob : +91-9113997974
E-Mail id :

Admin of the ClubMagesh Balaji

Mob : +91-8197066355
E-Mail id :

Club Type

Mixed Bikes (Above 150CC)

Number of Riders in the Club


Number of Rides Conducted per Year


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About Battalion Bikers

          Back in 2013 when biking was just growing our founder’s Gagan Alva and Kiran Shetty had an immense urge to join biking club. But, when they both were rejected from a reputed club. They set out to start a club that consisted of rider measuring only their passion. The CC and the make of the bike were immaterial and that brain child of them was BATTALION BIKERS.

A group that started out with only 4 members has now grown to being 100 strong in Bangalore and a second chapter opened in Chennai a year ago.

Club Rules & Regulations

1. Rider should be atleast one year experienced in riding.
2. Should have a valid licence issued by the govt.
3. Should follow the traffic rules and obey to the order’s.
4. No consumption of alcohol or the rider should not be influenced by any drug while riding.
5. Helmet and riding gear is must and should whenever there is a ride organised by the group.
6. If there’s no riding gear atleast knee guard and elbow guards with a thick jacket is must.
7. Rider shouldn’t misuse the club name by any chance.
8.while riding with the group, should follow the formation and should follow the commands set by the lead or the Marshall’s.

   – Battalion Bikers
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