Estd.  –  25th November 2012

Founder of the Club
Srinidhi S Hebbur

Mob : +91-9900002960
E-Mail id :

Vice-President of the Club

Ankit Gandhi

Mob : +91-9945536170
E-Mail id :

Vice-President of the Club

Vivekanandan Dhanpal

Mob : +91-9731374872
E-Mail id :

Tag Line of the Club

Blood in Tank, Fuel in Veins

Club Type

Specific Make – Bajaj Avenger

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About Bajaj Avenger Club – Bengaluru

           Bajaj Avenger Club was started off in Bengaluru thanks to Srinidhi’s dream and vision to see a club exclusive for Bajaj Avenger Bike owners. On it’s very first ride itself – it was pretty clear that the club was here to stay as seen through the motivation and dedication from the riders. The club then started working on building the club on the principle of safe riding as the top priority. Slowly and steadily the club’s membership and presence began to grow. The club’s core riding design – formation riding immediately won the hearts of all riders whomsoever joined in. It was not long before avenger enthuisiasts from other regions also started noticing the club’s activities and expressed their interest to join in. Today the club is spread over to 16 chapters across India and 2 International chapters in South America. As on date – the club has 2500+ members all across India. Apart from the club’s core activity of Riding, the Club has a pretty stable CSR activity also. In Bengaluru, we have partially adopted an orphanage and we contribute to the orphanage’s administration and running regularly almost every month. The club’s vision overall is to have one united club for all Bajaj Avenger enthusiasts all across India. Bajaj Avenger Club is planning to have an All India Avenger Meeting in 2020 and has been organising South India, North India, etc level meetings in the previous years. The Club’s mission is to ensure that it contributes significantly in the development of safe riding in the country.

Club Rules & Regulations

1. The club should be restricted to Bajaj Avenger bikes only.
2. The club should keep the name to “Bajaj Avenger Club” and continued by the specific city name.
3. Each regional club needs to have a founder – who will take the responsibility of all the administration activities of the club and will be the main point of contact. Of course, there can be an additional admin to support the founding member.
4. The club should use the same logo that is designed by the founding club, the club should change the city name and established year. (Colour , Shape, Matter, etc)
5. The basic goals of the club should be as follows:
(a) Riding for passion
(b) Riding for a cause
(c) Promote safe riding.
Safe Riding will be the number 1 Priority always.
6. While group riding – Standard Group riding rules (in a formation) will apply, the basic guidelines of which are laid out by the Motorcycle Safety foundation.
7. The riders should follow all traffic rules and regulations during all rides.
8. Full Faced Helmets and shoes are a MUST to all riders.
9. All bike riders must carry the necessary documents before riding. Before every group ride, the necessary documents (RC, License & Insurance) will be checked. Riders without these documents will not be permitted to ride.
10. Monthly reports should be submitted to Bajaj Avenger Club – India chapter for publishing ideally by the 5th of every month.
11. All communications used to publish about the club by the local founding member should be carried out under the name “Bajaj Avenger Club – (specific city)” (for ex- fb group, fb page, etc.)
12. All images published for public should carry the watermark of their specific clubs.
13. This is purely a Riding club. There is no scope for Racing / Stunting or any form of ruthless / unethical riding.
14. The club will not entertain any form of INTOXICATION at any level. (Alcohol, Drugs, etc…). Any member found to be riding under the influence of alcohol will be banned.
15. The account status of the club should be accessible to all the administrators of their respective clubs and The Executive Committee.
16. The club should not be used or involved in any profit making initiatives on the monetary part.
17. The “Executive Committee” will have a final call on any said issue.
18. Individual chapters should take a consent from “Executive Committee” before taking any major decisions or actions regarding the club such as websites, admins, policies etc.
19. All chapters / branches will be registered under Bajaj Avenger Club – India and cannot be registered individually.
20. President, Vice President, Admin, Moderator, Board Member, Core Member of our chapter cannot hold any such positions in any other biking / motorcycle clubs.
** T & C may be “fine tuned” from time to time, the administrators will be duly notified and consulted before any such changes occur.

Blood in Tank, Fuel in Veins
   – Bajaj Avenger Club – Bengaluru
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