Estd.  –  6th January 2018

Founder of the Club
Darshan R

Mob : +91-9986901240
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Co-Admin of the ClubBharat Kashyap D

Mob : +91-9482084600
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Tag line of the Club

Biker Born

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Specific Make – Aprilia

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About Aprilia Riders Club Bengaluru

     Aprilia Riders Club was formed on January 2018 by Darshan R, who is Passionate about Bikes and a Hard Core Rider. Aprilia Riders Club was started off in Bengaluru thanks to Darshan’s dream and vision to see a club exclusive for Aprilia SR owners. The main reason of starting the group was to introduce Biking Community to upcoming Youths and Beginner riders. The main focus was to give exposure to young riders about formation riding, riding etiquette and importance of safety gears.

On it’s very first ride itself – it was pretty clear that the club was here to stay as seen through the motivation and dedication from the riders. The club then started working on building the club on the principle of safe riding as the top priority. Slowly and steadily the club’s membership and presence began to grow. The club’s core riding design – formation riding immediately won the hearts of all riders whomsoever joined in. The Club’s mission is to ensure that it contributes significantly in the development of safe riding in the country.

Our mission is to promote and support the Aprilia riders community in INDIA, share information and knowledge about our bikes and organize regular meet-ups and motorcycle trips, while always promoting safe riding practices. More importantly, to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

We Organise Short Rides, Long Rides, Off-Road Biking, Vacational Trips, Promotional Rides & Social Services.
Biggest Rides : Independence Day Ride, World Motorcycle Day Ride and Anniversary Celebration of the Club every year.

Club Rules & Regulations

Conditions/Criteria for joining ARC Bengaluru:

•We have zero tolerance for bikers who are intoxicated of alcohol or Drugs. The Rider will be immediately terminated from the group.
•All bike riders must carry the necessary documents before riding. Before every group ride, the necessary documents (RC, License & Insurance) will be checked. Riders without these documents will not be permitted to ride.

• We give utmost importance to the safety of each and every riders of our club
• In order to join our club, you must have a Full-Face covering ISI or DOT certified Helmet, Riding jackets with safety pads inside, Gloves, Knee Guard and Boots.
• Your bike must have Rear-View Mirrors, Working Head lights and Indicators, Brake lights etc.

• Follow the instructions given by Administrators and coordinators at all times.
• During a ride, Hand Signals shown by the Team Leader must be passed down till the last rider.
•The formation of riding is predefined by the admin and the spot of every biker is assigned based on the bike capacity and the rider’s Riding skill. (slower at the front – Faster at the back).
•Bikers must stick to their position throughout the Ride.
•No overtaking, no irresponsible riding and no stopping other than the planned stops (excused if provided with a valid reason)

• We require all the riders to be present for all the rides & Meet ups.
• If you fail to show up for 2 or more consecutive rides/meet ups, our coordinators will contact you asking for reason for not showing up for the rides.
• If you fail to respond, you’ll be kicked out of the group.
• However if you are not able to show up due to personal reasons, You can inform the administrators beforehand and can excuse yourselves from the ride.
• We will be having activity check at the end of every month.

• Entry to our club is restricted to those people who complete 2 rides and 1 meet up with us.
• We’ll add you to our ARC Info group if you meet the above mentioned conditions. Once you complete 2 rides and 1 meetup, we’ll move you to our Main group. Thus you’ll become an Official Member of Aprilia Riders Club.
• ARC stickers, T-shirts, Badges etc will be provided once you complete 2 rides and 1 Meet up with us.

Aprilia Riders Club or its Moderators or other representatives are not responsible for the safety of the member or security of their Motorcycle or Possession.. Members joining are doing so entirely on their own risk …

Biker Born
   – Aprilia Riders Club Bengaluru
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